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YP – Having Dickie Scruggs public...

YP – Having Dickie Scruggs public records withdrawal? Read the ones about Paul Minor

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 24, 2008

There seems to be the coordinated effort to lionize convicted tort barons Paul Minor and Dickie Scruggs to set the stage for some imaginary argument that their prosecutions were all political . . . or some other such pro-convict pro-bribery rotgut.

In order to shed some daylight on the buffing up of their hero, Paul Minor, the YallPolitics Memory division went screaming back into the documents. You won’t believe what we found (and it wasn’t a Karl Rove conspiracy).

First, Minor & Company and his accomplices in the press would have you believe that Paul Minor was a pillar of the community and champion of the common man who was unjustly accused and treated shabbily. The truth is quite the opposite. The evidence clearly was that Minor had a total disregard for the Court and any action that came from it.

From the 5th Circuit opinion affirming the lower courts order on revocation of bond.

The district court previously found that Minor presented a danger to the community based on his alcohol abuse. There is evidence that supports the district court’s finding that after lengthy inpatient treatment, Minor defied and tested the court’s conditions of pretrial release, which had been tailored to protect the public and to prevent him from abusing alcohol. Minor’s unauthorized September 5, 2006, meeting with a hurricane expert at a restaurant serving alcohol not only raised issues concerning his substance abuse problems, it also showed his deception of the court and his disregard of the order of August 24, which states that there were to be no exceptions to the electronic monitoring unless ordered by the court.

Of course, during his process of bond revokation (where he was cited several times), the government produced a memorandum of all the crazy stuff he did. From one of the exhibits.

What a guy! If you look on the final exhibit, he didn’t even leave a tip after inhaling four Grey Goose drinks. Not exactly a role model for today’s youth, eh?

Here are some others.

Wingate’s order putting Minor in COPAC

Minor violates Electronic Monitoring

If they keep trying to buff up Minor in the, we’ll put more out. This was just the appetizer.

Of course, you are not going to read about this in the paper (which Bill Minor writes for) and you won’t hear about it on TV, as they are not designed for this in depth analysis. But we will be here . . . everyday . . . countering all of the BS you hear from those enslaved to liberal politicians and the people who manipulate them.

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