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FOLO – More liveblogging from the...

FOLO – More liveblogging from the Jones v Scruggs – Lackey: “I did not know what kind of monster .

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 15, 2008

Judge Lackey: “I did not know what kind of monster we were dealing with.” “The monster was Dickie Scruggs.” Liveblogging the Jones hearing part 3

Reported it to Chief Justice Smith, had meeting with him, he was shocked, and we decided it would be best to allow the investigation to proceed without reporting it to people who it might get back to those under investigation.

In May conversation, called Balducci, and he said they had changed their tactics.

There was not any mention of money till I brought it up. I said this show has got to stop, I had been living it since March. I hoped that if I mentioned money, he’d say wait a minute judge, you’ve got me wrong, that would have been the greatest gift he could have given me.

I asked him if I take care of Scruggs will he take care of me and he said that would be no problem.

Mayo goes over Balducci saying he didn’t want Judge Lackey to do anything he wasn’t

Q: In May, Balducci had made no quid pro quo?“He was lying to me and I was lying to him, was what was happening.”

Did you have any discussions about recusal with FBI or US Attorneys office about your recusal before you did it? Sent letter recusing myself, my decision. Did not feel I was getting anywhere, was frustrated with the situation. I reported it to the FBI agent.

After talking to the FBI agent and after realizing what a monster we were dealing with and the lives he had probably destroyed and the young lawyers and their families he had destroyed, I got back in it.

The monster was Dickie Scruggs.

Q. Who told you he had destroyed those lives.

A. I did not realize what a monster we were dealing with fully until now. I realize what he has done to destroy our profession, more than anything in my lifetime. Tim Balducci had told me Scruggs knew.

Liveblogging the Jones v Scruggs hearing part 4: David Nutt on the witness stand.


Member of Nutt McAlliter law firm. It was in the SKG. There was a joint venture agreement.

Tollison: Obj. relevancy.

Introduces the joint venture agreement. The purpose of the joint venture is spelled out in the joint venture agreement. SKG had no purpose other than representing victims of Katrina.

Understands that we are here on a sanctions issue. I did not have any knowledge anyone was contacting Judge Lackey to corruptly influence him. or to bribe him. Learned about it when I read about it in the paper. I did not recognize Tim Balducci until I read it in the paper the day after the indictment. Never heard of him or met him. He has not represented me or my firm.


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