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YP – Should Musgrove/Hood return...

YP – Should Musgrove/Hood return dirty campaign dollars from those indicted/convicted?

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 31, 2008

There is a whole lot to be made of the campaign contributions made by those who have either been indicted on federal corruption charges or have pleaded guilty to the same.

YallPolitics regulars don’t need a rehashing of all of these, but here is the question for discussion . . .

Should Musgrove/Hood or any Mississippi politician endeavor to return campaign contributions from someone who has either been indicted or convicted/pleaded to a crime?

In doing a very brief Google search, there is ample evidence that this is a standard modus operendi in most states and even in federal elections. The now titular head of the national Democratic Party, one Barack Obama, returned all contributions from longtime friend and business associate Tony Rezko after he was indicted on federal charges.

Remember “Charlie” Trie from the Clinton’s golden years?

How about Jack Abramoff? Some R senators returned his contributions after he was indicted in 2005?

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