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STAR- Congressional candidates meet...

STAR- Congressional candidates meet voters

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 26, 2008

Congressional candidates meet voters

Ross touted his experience, mentioning laws he had written in that area, speaking of a tort reform law when talking of economic development, and “Jessica’s law” when speaking of sexual predators.

Of economic development in Lauderdale County, Ross said, “Meridian is prime for a new industry … I fully support the new interchange…If you build it they will come.” Ross also said that the cost of health care could be reduced by health insurance related tax deductions directly to individuals rather than doing so through their workplace, and that the economy could be strengthened by making the Bush tax cuts permanent.

Harper said that one way to address the health care problem was to reduce costs by slackening government regulations on hospitals.

Of the war in Iraq Harper said, “I think the Republicans did a lousy job of articulating why we’re in Iraq…It’s about the war against fundamentalist Islamic terrorism,” closing his Iraq comments with strong words, “Every time we get bombed then we ought to drop a hard bomb on Iran and Syria where all this garbage is coming from.”

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