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Zach Scruggs pleads guilty

Zach Scruggs pleads guilty

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 23, 2008

Zach Scruggs pleads guilty

Family: Scruggses innocent
The family of Dickie Scruggs and his son, Zach, “are hoping and praying for the best” as the two prepare to be sentenced in federal court.

“We still don’t believe that Dickie or Zach did anything wrong,” said David Thompson of Ocean Springs, Dickie Scruggs’ brother-in-law. “We believe it was a setup. We are real hurt.”

Thompson, 60, is the twin brother of Dickie Scruggs’ wife, Diane, who has been ill during the legal ordeal. Their oldest sister, Tricia, is married to former U.S. Sen. Trent Lott. The family of six siblings was raised in Pascagoula, where Dickie Scruggs spent most of his legal career before moving his practice to Oxford.

“When you’re faced with the odds of a setup that there’s no way you can beat,” Thompson said, “you work out the best deal you can.”

Over the years, Thompson said, Scruggs has generously given time and money to help family, friends and community organizations. “If nothing else,” he said, “all the people who really care could write letters to the judge. I’m sure the judge would take them into consideration.”

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