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(Zach) Scruggs Nation, March 18

(Zach) Scruggs Nation, March 18

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 18, 2008

Insurance Coverage Blog, 3/18/8

As I wrote in one of my posts yesterday, Judge Biggers’ order of yesterday afternoon made it clear that the deadline for plea agreements remained March 17. Some people have asked me whether this is an absolute deadline — for example, if Zach Scruggs wanted to enter into a plea agreement just before trial, would the judge reject this.

The answer is that I don’t know, this wasn’t covered on any of the episodes of Boston Legal I’ve seen. But having seen a little bit of Judge Biggers in action in this case, I suspect that when he says something he means it. There are a lot of criminal defense attorneys and prosecutors reading who could give a better answer than I can, and maybe one of them will e-mail me or leave a public comment below.

You know by now, of course, that Mike Moore is now formally part of the Zach Scruggs defense team. According to this post on the Wall Street Journal Law Blog, Zach’s lead attorney, Todd Graves, said Moore has been an unofficial part of the team for some unspecified period of time.

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