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Right of Mississippi revives to endorse...

Right of Mississippi revives to endorse Charlie Ross

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 18, 2008

Charlie Ross is the best candidate to represent the Third District

This blog has been reletively silent about the third district congressional race but now that the runoff is upon us we have a pretty obvious choice here between a tested and competent State Senator in Charlie Ross and a relatively unexperienced former county GOP chairman in Gregg Harper. While we don’t have a problem with Harper personally we find that he is most likely only in this situation not on his own merit but because of the implosion of the David Landrum Campaign.

Ross has been through 2 tough primary battles in the last year, he is a known quantity and while not flashy he will be a solid and reliable replacement for outgoing Rep. Chip Pickering and a steady advocate for Mississippi in the complicated and intricate world of Washington D.C. politics.

This blog wholeheartedly endorses Senator Charlie Ross in the April 1st runoff election.

All the best Charlie,


Right of Mississippi

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