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WLOX – Mississippi Lawyer Speak...

WLOX – Mississippi Lawyer Speak Out On Scruggs’ Guilty Plea

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 17, 2008

Mississippi Lawyer Speak Out On Scruggs’ Guilty Plea

“The truth of the matter is the system worked. They did wrong, and they got caught,” says Criminal Defense Attorney Tim Holleman.

“This should prove to the folks of our state that no illegal or unethical activity will be tolerated,” says Attorney Quentin Whitwell.

“Short of violence, an attempt to actually bribe a judge is about as bad as it can get, and the consequences should be hard,” says Attorney Don Dornan, former President of the Mississippi State Bar Association.

In Scruggs’ case, that consequence could include losing his law license.

A statement from the Mississippi Bar says, “Once the Bar obtains certified copies of the guilty please, we will file a Formal Complaint with the Supreme Court seeking immediate suspension and ultimately disbarment.”


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