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FOLO – The prosecutors now want...

FOLO – The prosecutors now want to see what was found at the Scruggs law firm

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 15, 2008

The prosecutors now want to see what was found at the Scruggs law firm

Apparently under the taint team process, the US Attorneys in W.D. Tennessee (as the taint team) reviewed the documents and computer records found in the search of the Scruggs law firm. They reviewed them and found a set of documents that were responsive to the warrant (which has not hit public view as far as I know). From the numbers of the documents, I gather there are 395 of them. They turned these documents over to Judge Biggers, and the prosecutors in North Mississippi have not yet seen them. On March 13, 2005, a set of the documents was sent to the attorneys “for the remaining defendants.” This was yesterday.

I have to wonder whether this disclosure helped precipitate today’s events.

The prosecutors in North Mississippi and the taint team (the W.D. Tenn. prosecutors) are now moving to allow the prosecutors in North Mississippi to have access to those documents as of March 21st. They ask that, if the attorneys for “the remaining defendant” have an objection to the North Mississippi prosecutors seeing this material, the objection must be made by March 21st.

This is all to be found in Motion to disclose results of search.


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