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DJ EDITORIAL: Travis Childers

DJ EDITORIAL: Travis Childers

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 11, 2008

EDITORIAL: Travis Childers

On balance, we believe Travis Childers is the best choice in the Democratic field to serve in Congress.

Childers, elected last fall to his fifth term as chancery clerk, is cast solidly in the mold of centrist Democrats who have held political office at local, district and state levels across our region for decades.

Childers has worked full-time since his early teenage years, and he remains in private life a successful businessman.

He also has learned that regionalism and networking produce good results for almost everyone in terms of both public service and civic activism. He was personally an early supporter of the PUL Alliance of Pontotoc, Union and Lee counties, even though his county was not directly involved. He has been a long-term activist in the Prentiss County Development Association and its economic-growth undertakings.

He understands the value of pragmatic bipartisanship on a personal and political level, and fits the mold of consensus-builder at a time when hyper-partisan agitation grips Congress.

Steve Holland is an experienced and productive legislator who is a leading voice in the Legislature on public education and state health care issues, and we believe that is the better role for him in public service. Neely and Coleman bring passion to their campaigns, but the fuller measure of experience is not in their portfolios.

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