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FOLO – Another Balducci Bribery...

FOLO – Another Balducci Bribery Attempt Gone Bad

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 26, 2008

November 1st: Balducci doubles down. It doesn’t work out

He has this case he brought with him from Joey Langston involving a manslaughter charge against the nephew of a state transportation commissioner. The nephew has apparently been a bad boy, and, tanked up on meth and other drugs, killed someone on the road and was charged with vehicular homicide in Marshall County. Balducci was going to do the case as a favor, but Langston said no, and demanded $30K, which was paid. When Balducci left Langston’s firm, the client wanted to go with Balducci, who’d been hired to begin with, but Langston kept the money. Balducci proposes to Judge Lackey that there is a basis to throw out the defendant’s urine test (which is needed to show vehicular homicide) and then the case will at worst go to the Mississippi Supreme Court, and that Balducci can hit up the family for $20k to handle that, which Balducci will split with Judge Lackey.

I’m assuming that all of this made Judge Lackey feel better about Tim Balducci’s eventual fate. It sure doesn’t suggest Balducci was a reluctant participant in judicial bribery.

Here’s the November 1st partial transcript.


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