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SH – Transcript excerpts

SH – Transcript excerpts

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 20, 2008

Transcript excerpts

Z Scruggs: Well, s–t, you know, this is the proper thing to do, uh, uh, it’s just uh, you know, (UI) it’s just so unprofessional, uh, what these guys have been up to, and unethical. Attaching all these uh, things that they’re ciphering through and God knows what GRADY’s talkin’ to STATE FARM lawyers about. Hey, make this, you know, you got so-and-so, make that, buy that case we can… get all of it.

Backstrom: Uh, yeah, I don’t know, I guess a dismissal would be better than a, a staying. Um, but I think the staying gonna be fine if he’s compelling it to arbitration because then it gets stuck in arbitration and you can’t do anything with it after that.

Z Scruggs: Well, other than…

Backstrom: (UI)

Z Scruggs:… say OK, fine, we’ll go to arbitration and what, whatever claims we don’t think or can construe later weren’t done in arbitration are coming back to this court, and then whoever the f–k the judge is, you know? I don’t know.

Balducci: Mm-hmm.

Z Scruggs: And, and, ’cause he stayed it, there was no statutes issue.

Balducci: Right.

UF4: TRACY LOTT (phonetic) is on the phone for you? (UI)

Z Scruggs: TRACY LOTT?

UF4: Mm-hmm.

Z Scruggs: Uh…

UF4: (UI)

Z Scruggs: Is it TRISHA LOTT?

UF4: Mmm… she said TRACY. It could be TRISHA, but.

Z Scruggs: I, I don’t know a TRACY LOTT, and, and the daughter’s TYLER, but…

UF4: You want us to take a message?

Z Scruggs: Yeah, just, just tell her I’m not here and try to get a, make sure who their name is and their number if you don’t mind.

UF4: OK.

Z Scruggs: Thanks. I don’t wanna answer a TRACY LOTT who I don’t know anything about by off chances.

Balducci: (laughs) Yeah, could be.

Z Scruggs: It could be… (UI)

Balducci: God only knows. (pause) Um, the other piece of this puzzle I hadn’t told you yet is uh, get it how you want it because I’ve got to uh, I’ve gotta go back for another delivery of sweet potatoes down there. So. Because of all of this that has come up.

Backstrom: Mm-hmm.

Balducci: So get it right. Get it how you want it ’cause we’re payin’ for it to get it done right.

Backstrom: For the reasons set forth above all matters in this cause (door opens
ZACH leaving) including all claims hereby stayed. Plaintiffs are hereby compelled to submit all such claims to binding arbitration. That, you know, that’s good enough to me. I wouldn’t change anything. (door closes
ZACH left) I’d just get-get ‘er done.

Balducci: All right.

Backstrom: ‘Cause any, any change I would expect is going to have to be hands wrung over it and thought about and things like that, so. I mean, I’ll take, you know, ninety-nine percent of what we want.

Balducci: Yeah, OK.

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