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The DJournal’s Jim Hood yarn

The DJournal’s Jim Hood yarn

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 18, 2008

The DJournal’s Jim Hood yarn

Now Patsy tells what happened to Progressive agent David Malone when, on April 9, 2001, he went to the body shop to pick up the damaged pieces of Hood’s truck. Though shop-owner Smith handwrote, and Ron Easley (whoever he is) witnessed, that “I told Mr. Malone that Jim Hood told me not to give any of the parts to Mr. Malone,” Malone took the parts anyway and headed back to his office, believing that Progressive had already paid for them. (Six days earlier, his colleague Michael Lee had written to Hood, reporting the “agreed price” of repairs and authorization for a rental and asking for medical information about his injuries.)

But now Easley zipped to the courthouse and, Patsy says, apparently filed a felony theft complaint against Malone (Hood recalls filing the charges himself). Anyhow, somebody filed ‘em because, later that day, Malone got arrested and charged with grand larceny and posted a $2,000 bond, pledging to appear before Justice Court on April 19.


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