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FOLO – The 9/9 and 9/27...

FOLO – The 9/9 and 9/27 transcripts:

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 13, 2008

The 9/9 and 9/27 transcripts:

Lackey asks Bladucci if he is where he can talk for a minute. Balducci says: “I’m private, I’m private.” Lackey responds: “Uh, you think , uh, uh Dicky wants this thing, uh, in , uh, I mean, arbitration. Balducci responds “that’s his number one goal.” Lackey comments, “Well, I just wondered if he wanted me to take care of it somehow, or something, you know. “ Baldducci responds that would be terrific. Lackey tells Balducci he does not know Scruggs but trusts Balducci. Then:

Balducci: The only concern I think anybody had after the hearing was Johnny Jones blowing his snot bubbles and stuff. Everybody was afraid he might, he might pull on somebody’s heart strings, but you know, I think if you, I mean, really do, this is one of those where I think it has the added benefit of being right. You know, I think if you look at the agreement, uh, you know, hell, I think they’re right. You know? So, yeah, I all they want is, for the thing to be kicked to arbitration so,…

Lackey: uh, and as long as they feel comfortable with that…rather than be in court, alright.

Balducci then asks where Lackey will be the next week, and when Lackey says in Oxford, Balducci says he will see him there. Balducci says that last time he was in Oxford, went looking for Judge Lackey “and I ran into Howorth and uh and I spent time with him and he was ribbin’ me about my letter. And uh, you know, gosh damn, you know, he’s so full of shit himself. He was, he, he was all over it and uh, and we had a good laugh about it, but uh…”


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