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FOLO – Balducci: “This ain’t...

FOLO – Balducci: “This ain’t my first rodeo with Scruggs.”

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 13, 2008

Balducci: “This ain’t my first rodeo with Scruggs.”

Lackey responds, “this is my first trip and I know you think I’m a complete horse’s ass.” Balducci says no, and Lackey responds, “I feel lower than whale shit to tell you the truth.”

Balducci says there is no reason to, and that the’s glad to be in a position to help Lackey. He says it’s embarrassing, but he’s glad to be in a position to try to help. He reminds Lackey this is just between the two of them, “There ain’t another soul in the world that knows about this.”

Lackey: You don’t, now I would think Mr. Scruggs would have to know something about it.

Balducci: … here’s how it works, just so you’ll have some, some comfort, some understandin’ of how it works. Um, they’ll come a time where I’ll sit him down in private and I’ll tell him that I solved a problem for him.

Has Tim watched the scene in the office at the start of the Godfather one time too many? “Don Corrleone, I want you to know that Judge Lackey once solved a problem for you.”

Balducci: That he had a problem that needed solving.

Lackey: Alright.

Balducci: And that, that he needs to take care of the problem that I solved for him.

Balducci says that’s how it works, and that Lackey shouldn’t worry about it. Lackey then said that he’s heard that with substantial cash withdrawals, you have to sign for them. Balducci says that the money did not come from a bank.

Balducci: Judge, I, one thing, I ‘ve been around long enough to know and I’ve been involved in enough to know over time you always gotta have a slush fund.


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