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CL – Grisham: ‘Got to get...

CL – Grisham: ‘Got to get away from elected judges’

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 4, 2008

Grisham: ‘Got to get away from elected judges’

“I know Dickie,” Grisham said. “It’s hard for me to believe he would get involved in a bribery scam like this. And until a jury finds him guilty or he pleads guilty, I’m not going to believe it.”

He cited the Duke lacrosse case, where all of those charged were exonerated. “I just believe in the presumption of innocence and hope these things are not true,” Grisham said.

But if the allegations are true, “they’re shocking,” he said.

Grisham also believes trial lawyer Paul Minor, convicted in an unrelated bribery case, isn’t guilty. Prosecutors maintained loans and campaign contributions Minor gave judges constituted bribes.

“I never saw what the crime was. It was fuzzy what the law was,” Grisham said. “You wonder if those prosecutions would have taken place with a different federal prosecutor.”

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