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FOLO – Get your orders (the...

FOLO – Get your orders (the Balducci bribery ones)

By: Magnolia Tribune - January 15, 2008

Get your orders (the Balducci bribery ones)

It’s not exactly the dog that did not bark here, but one very notably missing piece of the United States v. Scruggs saga is the order (as it turns out from today’s offer of evidence, two orders) that Tim Balducci allegedly bribed Judge Henry Lackey to enter. Both would have referred the case to arbitration.

Today marked the first public appearance of those orders, as far as is known to Folo and its friends. Now that they are marked as (as yet unadmitted) exhibits, they are public information, and a friend who’s been in the courthouse sends them on. Here’s the first one, and here’s the second one. These are copies of what was offered into evidence by Grady Tollison in his proffer on Monday.

One thing to note: On both orders, the stamp from the fax machine is PATTERSON BALDUCCI — excuse me, Patterson isn’t even a lawyer and he’s listed first? Anyhow, read them tonight. A ruling (far more fair and far more square) is anticipated tomorrow from Judge Coleman in Oxford.


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