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Democrats urge Wicker to pay attention

Democrats urge Wicker to pay attention

By: Magnolia Tribune - January 11, 2008

Democrats urge Wicker to pay
attention to voters as he tours Mississippi
JACKSON (Thursday, Jan. 10, 2008) – As appointed U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker tours Mississippi today, the Mississippi Democratic Party urges him to pay close attention to what he hears from the people.

If he does, he’ll quickly realize he is headed in the wrong direction. From voting to raise our national debt, to demonstrating weakness on illegal immigration and voting against increasing the minimum wage, Wicker is clearly and deeply out of touch with Mississippi values.

“Roger Wicker has been representing the status quo in Washington, not the people of Mississippi,” said Wayne Dowdy, chairman of the Mississippi Democratic Party.

“If Wicker actually listens on this tour, he’ll hear that Mississippians want change, not more of the same pork barrel spending that has run up the national deficit. Too bad the only thing Mississippians will hear from Wicker is the same, old, stale rhetoric.”

Take a close look at these facts:

n Wicker voted to raise the debt limit to nearly $9 trillion. In 2005, Wicker voted for the final FY06 budget resolution, which paved the way for a $781 billion increase in the debt limit, bringing the limit to $8.96 trillion. (Vote 149, April 28, 2005; Washington Post, April 29, 2005)

n Wicker has voted at least five times against increased funding for border security. In the most recent example, Wicker voted against the House version of the $37.4 billion Fiscal Year 2008 Homeland Security Appropriations bill, which included $8.9 billion for customs and border protection. (Vote 491, June 15, 2007)

n Wicker has voted at least four times against raising the minimum wage. In 2007, Wicker voted against raising the minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.25. In 2000, Wicker voted against increasing the federal minimum wage by $1 over two years. In 1996, Wicker twice voted against raising the minimum wage by 90 cents over two years. (Vote 18, Jan. 10, 2007; Vote 43, March 9, 2000; Vote 195, May 23, 1996; Vote 192, May 23, 1996)

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