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AGNEW – Anderson defeat a setback...

AGNEW – Anderson defeat a setback for minorities

By: Magnolia Tribune - November 12, 2007

Anderson defeat a setback for minorities

Gary is 0 for 2 in attempts to win statewide office. First, he lost to a then-29-year-old Tate Reeves for the state treasurer’s office in 2003, despite possessing a resume’ that would make Reeves look like an entry-level employee. And on Tuesday, he lost the insurance commissioner’s race to Republican former state Sen. Mike Chaney, who also falls short of possessing Gary’s credentials.

There’s another element to this outcome that cannot be ignored. It is uncomfortable and will be dismissed by those who will accuse me of looking for excuses, of playing the race card. So be it. It must be said.

Gary is an African-American man, who has run unsuccessfully in races against two good men who happen to be white. He worked his way through the political system. He learned political strategies. His own polls told him voters favored him after toughing it out against incumbent George Dale in the Democratic primary.

Ronnie Agnew
Clarion Ledger

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