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SALTERBLOG – Speaker’s...

SALTERBLOG – Speaker’s race: Three blocs of votes in play

By: Magnolia Tribune - August 31, 2007

Speaker’s race: Three blocs of votes in play

In the evolving race for Speaker of the House, current Speaker Billy McCoy already faces 47 Republican votes against him according to a statement from House Republicans today who vowed to vote as a bloc to defeat McCoy.
That leaves McCoy with the task of cobbling together 62 votes from among the 75 Democrats in the House — 36 of whom are in the Black Caucus and believed to be ready to stand by McCoy. That leaves 39 white Democratic votes up for grabs — some loyal “yellow dog” Dems and some the rural white Democrats that often vote with the GOP.
The Republicans say they’ve got 12 votes committed and that barring upsets in November, the general election should provide them additional numbers.
For McCoy and his House Democratic Leadership PAC, the race will come down to holding Democratic seats.
Both McCoy and Smith speak with confidence and say they either have the commitments or are getting close.

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