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REDBLUE – Gary Anderson Backed by...

REDBLUE – Gary Anderson Backed by Mystery PAC

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 31, 2007

Gary Anderson Backed by Mystery PAC

Gary Anderson, seeking to wrest the Democratic nomination for Insurance Commissioner from incumbent George Dale, has the backing of a mysterious political action committee that is not properly registered with the Office of the Secretary of State as required by state law.

Some outfit calling itself “Mississippians for Fair Elections” is sponsoring television attack ads aimed at Dale and in support of Anderson. Problem is, that PAC has not been properly registered in Mississippi as the law requires.

Every political action committee in Mississippi that receives or spends money over a bare minimum seeking to influence an election has to file a “Statement of Organization” identifying itself by officers, address, phone numbers and the like. Each committee must also file campaign finance reports just like candidates do; today is the deadline for reporting financial transactions through last Friday.

The document filed by Mississippians for Fair Elections has the name “Irene T. Jones” listed as a Director. But Jones gives no address, no phone number, identifies no officers or treasurer and says only that its purpose is “to provide Mississippi Voters with election information.”

So who is this mysterious group wanting to elect Gary Anderson to office? Maybe we’ll find out when today’s deadline for campaign finance reports passes. Meantime, take a look at their filing yourself at: Statement of Organization.pdf

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