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Cory Wilson Campaign Update

Cory Wilson Campaign Update

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 31, 2007

Cory Wilson for House District 66

July 27, 2007

Campaign Update #5

At the Neshoba County Fair last week, the politics were as hot as the weather. And, it seemed like there were as many District 66 voters at the Fair as there are normally in Jackson! We even saw a “Cory Wilson” banner on a cabin–our honorary, temporary “Fair Headquarters.” After a brief break to take in Governor Barbour’s speech and some good Fair Hospitality, the Wilson Wagon continues its roll through the District as we visit with more folks about their concerns for our city and our state.

Pro-Growth Earlier this month, Cory received an endorsement from the MISSISSIPPI ASSOCIATION of REALTORS, adding to Cory’s support from the business community. Support from Mississippi Realtors builds excitement and energy as Cory’s campaign heads into the election season. Realtors play an important role in moving our city’s economy. Cory is especially grateful to have them as partners in his campaign to bring pro-growth leadership to the House.

Pro-Neighborhood As we visit with voters in neighborhoods across the District, crime remains almost everyone’s top concern. Cory’s proposed Capital Security and Economic Development District has gotten a great reception with voters concerned about our quality of life. The Capital District would have its own police force (a strengthened Capitol Police), designated judicial resources, and funding for infrastructure and beautification in the heart of our state capital. The Capital District would allow the State to compensate Jackson for tax-exempt properties while freeing Jackson Police to patrol more in our neighborhoods. Stronger communities, and a strong commitment to law enforcement. In the Legislature, Cory will push innovative crime fighting measures until we see progress.

Proactive, Positive Leadership From Governor Barbour’s speech last week at the Neshoba County Fair, it is apparent that Governor Barbour’s record of leadership, from tort reform, through Katrina, to Toyota, has positioned Mississippi for true progress. Cory is the only candidate in this race who will be a strong partner for Governor Barbour in the House. Cory offers the kind of energetic new leadership that Jackson needs now more than ever.

How You Can Help Cory! If you want to help Cory’s campaign for House District 66, please call or email, or visit our website, and sign up to volunteer, take a yard sign, or host a meet and greet with your neighbors! Please spread the word to family and friends. Thank you for the help–it means a lot to the campaign

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