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CL endorses Bryant & Franks in...

CL endorses Bryant & Franks in primary

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 22, 2007

Lt. gov.: Bryant, Franks good choices

In the Republican Primary, voters face a choice between State Auditor Phil Bryant and state Sen. Charlie Ross, both of Brandon.

Both are capable and their conservative political philosophies are almost mirror images on most issues. But we believe Phil Bryant is the best choice in the Republican Primary.

From his days as a law enforcement officer to his days in the state House of Representatives and in more than a decade of service as state auditor, Bryant has served with honesty and integrity.

In his campaign rhetoric, Ross harkens back to his days as a military pilot in pledging to serve as “Haley Barbour’s wing man” in the Senate. With all due respect to Mr. Ross’s service to his country, the Mississippi Senate does not need a “wing man.”

Mississippi needs a squadron leader – someone who can and will work well with whomever the governor might be but who will also have the courage and the integrity to tell the governor “no” when and if circumstances dictate.

It is Bryant’s proven ability – demonstrated as state auditor – to work well with public officials of all races, political parties and backgrounds from the smallest city hall to the Governor’s Mansion that sets him apart from Ross.

Bryant’s Republican credentials go back to the late Gov. Kirk Fordice, who chose him to succeed Democrat Steve Patterson as auditor in 1996.

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July 22, 2007

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