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ROSS – Wednesdays with Charlie...

ROSS – Wednesdays with Charlie 7/18

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 19, 2007

With less than three weeks away from the election, the campaign is really heating up. This past week, we have reached some major milestones in our race that will enable us to continue building our momentum.

On Thursday, we received one of our most substantial endorsements to date — Mississippi Right to Life. I am especially proud to be endorsed by one of the strongest pro-life groups in Mississippi because their cause is one of the primary reasons I first sought public office. Just in the past few years, I have supported a number of pro-life bills including legislation that would give expectant mothers the opportunity to have a sonogram before aborting their child, ban human cloning, and stop abortion in Mississippi in the event that Roe v. Wade is overturned. And I believe that overturning Roe v. Wade should be our ultimate goal. If we are smart and strategic in our approach, I believe we can do it.

In addition to the earning the pro-life endorsement, our campaign has begun to point out some important differences between my opponent and me. You will remember that I pressed my opponent to debate me for months. I did that for one reason — Mississippi deserves to know the differences between us. When we finally had a few debates, we found some distinct differences.

I believe you should judge candidates based on their records, and there is a clear difference in the way that my opponent and I handle the tough fights. When Mississippi’s “jackpot justice” system threatened good jobs and quality healthcare, I led the fight to reform it. When crime started to rise, I made sure Mississippi’s families could do whatever they need to do in order to defend themselves in their own homes. When the governor needed my help in the tough budget fights, I was one of his top lieutenants. And when Gov. Barbour needed a vote to keep Mike Moore and his Partnership from illegally spending our money, I stood with him.

Unfortunately, my opponent didn’t, and I believe that is an important difference in this race. We are now running ads on TV and radio highlighting this difference because I believe Mississippi needs someone who will take on the tough battles, not run away from them.

Instead of talking about his role in the Partnership, my opponent is now launching a misleading negative attack to divert attention from the issue. He claims that I am not an ally of Gov. Barbour because my law firm is suing the governor. The truth is, I do not represent anyone who is in litigation with the State — especially Gov. Barbour. A couple of attorneys in my law firm, which is one of the largest in the state, represent clients who are in litigation with the Department of Medicaid, and the governor is named as a defendant in his official capacity. The ad is very flimsy and very misleading.

Despite the negative attacks, Sharon and I are extremely energized by the amount of support that we continue to find across the state. Our campaign is pressing forward like never before, and I give you the credit.

On a personal note, Sharon and I want to congratulate Nathan Wells, our campaign manager, and his wife, Amanda. Today, they welcomed Parker Grace Wells, their second daughter, into the world. Parker Grace is a beautiful little girl, and she has a great set of parents.

Keep up the good work and the momentum for three more weeks!

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