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ROSS – Bryant Launches Negative...

ROSS – Bryant Launches Negative Ad

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 19, 2007


JACKSON–The Phil Bryant campaign on Wednesday side-stepped responsibility for a $100 million mistake, and instead launched a negative and misleading ad about Charlie Ross.

“The Bryant campaign should be ashamed of this flimsy and misleading ad,” Ross spokesman Josh Blades said. “The most interesting part of the entire attack ad is what’s missing — Phil Bryant’s alibi.”

Bryant’s ad failed to explain why he stood with Mike Moore and the Partnership instead of Haley Barbour even after Barbour filed a lawsuit to stop the illegal group from continuing to waste taxpayer dollars.

“Bryant doesn’t offer one good reason why he didn’t hold the Partnership accountable — when he knew it was operating illegally,” Blades added. “It is no surprise that his only defense is a flimsy, negative attack on Charlie Ross.”

Bryant’s ad asserts that Charlie Ross is not an ally of the governor because some lawyers in Ross’ firm, one of the state’s largest law firms, are in litigation with Medicaid and Governor Barbour. The truth? Charlie Ross himself does not do any legal work for any client who is suing the state, especially Governor Barbour.

“Instead of trying to change the subject with negative tactics, Mr. Bryant should explain why he either helped or allowed the Partnership to waste money on ads promoting Mike Moore, entertaining lobbyists, and massive gifts to partisan groups such as the Legislative Black Caucus,” Blades said

“As State Auditor, Phil Bryant should be recovering the $100 million in illegally spent funds from Mike Moore’s Partnership,” Blades concluded. “Instead, he does nothing but hurl desperate negative attacks at Charlie Ross.”

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July 19, 2007

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