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Harborwalk Hoax?

Harborwalk Hoax?

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 12, 2007

Harborwalk Hoax?

I drove around the parking lot of the so called Harborwalk recently. Ladies and Gentlemen, this project as advertised to us is dead. kaput. finis. no more. Except for one crane, there is NO construction equipment in the area. There are no building materials. Where the Dock once was is now only water. You can see the original floor of the Millennium in the parking lot. Where the sounds of laughter, merriment, and people having fun echoed through the harbour, there is now the quiet, eerie lapping of the water against the banks of the Ross Barnett Reservoir. The only development that has taken place is the trailer that says Harborwalk on the front.

This could only happen in Mississippi. What could be the crown jewel of the Jackson Metro area is instead represented by a single-wide trailer. And people wonder why Mississippi is considered to be a redneck state.

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