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Governor Haley Barbour endorses Sen....

Governor Haley Barbour endorses Sen. Flowers Re-Election

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 11, 2007

Governor Haley Barbour endorses Sen. Flowers Re-Election

Senator Merle Flowers received a formal re-election endorsement last week from Governor Haley Barbour at the Desoto Civic Center in front of more than 200 supporters.

“I want to make it real plain that in this Senate election, I’m for Merle Flowers,” said Barbour.

Flowers, a conservative Republican, represents Desoto County in the Mississippi Senate, and is seeking a second term. Flowers cited improving education, getting tough on crime, lowering taxes, and holding firm to conservative ideals in his remarks.

“Working with Governor Barbour and other conservative leaders, we have dug Mississippi out of $720 million budget hole and back onto firm financial footing,” said Flowers. “We don’t need to raise taxes, we need to raise people’s expectations. We want a Mississippi that’s better tomorrow than she is today, and even better the day after tomorrow,” said Flowers.

Governor Barbour praised Flowers for his leadership and hard work for the citizens of Desoto County and the people of Mississippi. “Merle and the Senate stood up over and over to say we’re going to fund the high-growth school districts like the law says. I hope the voters of Desoto County will send Merle back to the Senate to be part of a very good team at a time when real leadership is needed for the opportunities to be realized,” said Barbour.

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