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One toe over the line

One toe over the line

By: Magnolia Tribune - September 24, 2006

**FEATURE** – One toe over the line **UPDATED**
By Richard Lawson


Musgrove, unlike Morris in an infamous incident a decade ago, is said to have focused his peculiar ardor not on a prostitute but on Robin Costa, the trustee and director of the Maddox Foundation. He has been representing her in fending off a legal effort by Tommye Working Maddox, step-granddaughter of the late Dan Maddox, and Davidson County District Attorney Torry Johnson to move the foundation and its millions back to Nashville from Mississippi.

Musgrove’s taste for Costa’s toes was revealed Tuesday, along with other details of the supposed relationship, when Davidson County Probate Court Judge Randy Kennedy ordered a portion of former Maddox Foundation employee Tera Hermansen ‘s 2004 deposition unsealed. According to Hermansen’s testimony, Costa would tell her and other female employees about her romantic encounters with Musgrove while he was still governor.

The stated purpose for unsealing the testimony was to so show that Musgrove has had a less than professional relationship with Costa, even as he is among the attorneys who have received $1 million in fees to defend the foundation.

“Ms. Hermansen’s testimony regarding the relationship between Ms. Costa and her principal Mississippi lawyer underscores the extreme degree of waste to which trust assets are subjected and raises the specter that Ms. Costa is using tax-exempt assets to confer a private benefit to others and obtain a private instrument for herself,” Woody Woodruff, an attorney with Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis representing Working Maddox, wrote in his motion.

Musgrove hasn’t returned calls to his Mississippi office.

Nashville Post

**credit to poster Tom Wood for digging this up**


Both Richard Lawson and Ronnie Musgrove appeared on Paul Gallo this morning to discuss. Musgrove’s appearance was unscheduled.

Here is the audio on the Musgrove piece where he denied everything.

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