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Tchula Mayor ahead of the game

Tchula Mayor ahead of the game

By: Magnolia Tribune - August 17, 2006


JACKSON- From her very first statement, Republican Congressional candidate Yvonne Brown set a groundbreaking tone. When declaring her candidacy, Yvonne pledged that her race would be different. One that would fight to target and educate the 2nd Congressional district voters on key initiatives that would empower them with the opportunity to reject politics-as-usual and voice their demands for real change in this state. Other candidates nationwide are following her campaign philosophy of “change” by hiring minority firms to tell the minority story.

In mid-February, the Brown campaign hired entertainment product placement and brand communications veteran Monti Valrie of ZEMI to develop the “Brown for Congress” media and PR strategy and organize and implement voter outreach and education. “For some using a marketing firm is unconventional. “When you want different results you have to make a change from the conventional and step outside of the box. Branding our candidate and target marketing is what it’s all about. It’s been proven in other States such as Ohio, Texas and Michigan. Ken Blackwell has shown us not only are we headed in the right direction but we are ahead of the game. Having Valrie of ZEMI on the team is definitely an asset,” said campaign manager Gail Ambeau. Valrie has over eleven years of experience in both corporate and sports marketing and with ZEMI was one of the first minority brand communications firms to consultant Hollywood entertainers and entertainment companies. Valrie`s past clients reads like an “A” list with names like Usher, Rockmond Dunbar, LaLa, Kyla Pratt, Sony and NASCAR driver Bill Lester.

When asked why he chose to get involved with the Brown campaign brand communication Valrie said, “Yvonne has always fought for more than “just getting by” and now more than ever the voters of the 2nd District need a proven visionary leader to set the standards and say “enough is enough”. Observers believe Brown’s campaign model can cut into the traditional stronghold Democrats have on the black voters by implementing clear targets and goals that can be achieved for the 2nd district. When asked about the traditional style of politics Valrie responded, There’s a huge problem in today’s politics, some politicians believe that their race is about them when, in fact, the race is about the voters and their hopes. We can do better and Yvonne is determined to help and do what she can to make the difference.

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