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JFP highlighted for hosting...

JFP highlighted for hosting questionable advertising – UPDATED

By: Magnolia Tribune - August 15, 2006


Marsha Thompson in a WLBT 3 On Your Side piece this evening lit up the classifieds of the JFP who accepts some allegedly shady advertising for national firms in their partially syndicated classified section. In their piece, WLBT focused on an ad that advertised Postal Jobs. After calling a 1-800 number, the victim is allegedly wrangled into spending over $100 for job information that the US Postal Service gives out for free. The USPS employee on camera said basically such services are scams. Other such “great opportunities” include typing at home scams and “federal government grants”.

I personally called one of these companies offering “government grants”. For $169, they would send me a packet of info to get $25,000 in government grants. The company was boastful that they were one of the few companies of these sorts without multiple Better Business Bureau complaints. That’s HOMETOWN PROUD ADVERTISING RIGHT THERE.

Way to help the “least of these”, JFP! Take money from firms trying to scam readers (allegedly). That’s a great “alternative”. Even the low business standards we would hold for that publication have been subverted.

While we at MP are sure that this is part and parcel of advertising supporting a variety of local lame stream print media, most of those firms are not so vocal in throwing “journalistic”, “business” and “ethical” stones.

Let me guess. It’s just another example of the corporate media trying to keep the little man down.

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