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By: Magnolia Tribune - August 2, 2006

Saints & Millsaps

I am not a pro football fan, but still find the Saints holding training camp at Millsaps College in Jackson sort of interesting. I just don’t understand why Millsaps thinks this is a good deal.
The total cost is $400,000, which supposedly is shared with the Saints. The private college is having to buy bigger beds for the dorms, turn classrooms into ofices, convert fields to practice fields, erect an air-conditioned tent for a weght room, upgrate the football fieldhouse and feed the team.
They get publicity, but what difference does it make. Is that going to make somebody give money, or bring kids to the school. Anybody interested in Millsaps is interested for academic reasons, not pro football.
Worse, while Millsaps is paying the Saints, the Saints sign Reggie Bush for a six-year deal reportedly worth $52 million to $60 mllion. There is no human being, whether CEO or football player, worth that much money. It’s outrageous and shows how out of whack our values are in this country.
Hopefully, some of the football players with fond memories of Jackson will fund a few meger scholarships for Millsaps kids trying to pay the high tuition. Heck, Reggie could give a miillion and never miss it.

David Hampton
Clarion Ledger Blog

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