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Sanders: Earth Day is a Crock

Sanders: Earth Day is a Crock

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 21, 2006

Longtime MP denizen David Sanders writes in today’s Northside Sun:

The chief vehicle for the enviros’ drive to change the world is the collection of claims that constitute the “global warming” scare. (“Climate change” is actually the more hedged term used these days, presumably to avoid the embarrassing situation in which some who were warning of an impending ice age as recently as the 1970s had to switch quickly to the global warming train once the new paradigm was settled upon.) A good friend of mine, a highly intelligent professional, once remarked that I am “the only person [he] knows who does not believe in global warming,” by which I assumed he meant “does not agree with the proposition.” My friend reads the New York Times and listens to public radio and ? worse ? the BBC on satellite radio, and operates under the belief that there is no serious dissent from the leftist orthodoxy on global warming.

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