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Madison GOP Fundraiser

Madison GOP Fundraiser

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 21, 2006

by Alan Lange

Just a quick eyewitness account from last night’s Madison County GOP Fundraiser. It was a very nice event held (as Ben Allen pointed out) in Hinds County, but just barely.

With all of the local, state and national republicans in the room, no one got mentioned more often than Tchula Mayor Yvonne Brown, running as a Republican against the winner of Espy/Thompson. LaSeur was not there (at least that I saw), which means it looks like the Republicans have cleared the slate for Brown. If that’s the case it bodes well to see Thompson to get knocked off in either the primary (with a lot of crossovers) or in the general with a pretty well supported Brown. It will be interesting to watch how that plays out.

All of the speakers were excellent. Amy Tuck in particular seemed very vocal in her attempt to justify her Republican credentials. The Guvna and Marsha also dropped by. Wicker and Pickering were on point as usual. Asa Hutchison is excellent. Both he and Chuck Banks (likely Republican Lt. Governor nominee in Arkansas) have real good shots at the top two slots in AR. The thought is that Arksansas may be on the verge of where Mississippi was a decade ago – turning blue to red in a very short period of time.

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