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Iraq War: Logically, A Victory

Iraq War: Logically, A Victory

By: Magnolia Tribune - December 30, 2005

Logic Times makes the airtight case, complete with charts and facts and numbers. Money quote:

Anyone who is intellectually honest can see that the Iraq War is going well by historical standards. The risks are great: trying to establish a stable democracy in the Middle East may or may not succeed. But what a bold and compassionate undertaking that, at this stage, deserves the enthusiastic support of the American people.

Those who will explode in anger at the tests and evidence above ? and there will be many ? reveal more often than not a hatred of George W. Bush and/or a distrust of American strength. Those people are a lost cause. But reasonable people who have been influenced by a virulent media campaign may be inclined to view this war of liberation in its true light. The soldiers fighting there today hope that you do.

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