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In Baltimore, they throw Oreos. In...

In Baltimore, they throw Oreos. In Jackson . . .

By: Magnolia Tribune - November 4, 2005

In Baltimore, they are throwing Oreos at Michael Steele, the African American Republican candidate running against Kweisi Mfume (former NAACP head) for US Senate. The practice apparently has the official backing of the Democratic Party in Maryland and is meant to suggest that while Steele is black on the outside, he is “white” on the inside. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has also obtained a copy of Steele’s credit report.

And of course, Steve Gillard, a left wing kook blogger not “officially” affiliated with the DSCC or the Democratic Party in Maryland, put forth a web graphic retouched to make Steele look like Little Black Sambo with a caption of the same.

In Jackson, the Democrat Party brass has not thrown Oreos, though they have been known to throw residency challenges and accusations of being an Uncle Tom and worse at conservative African American candidates they didn’t like, even from their own party.

The message . . . if you are African American, don’t dare cross the Democratic Party or they will pelt you with Oreos, revoke your credit, call you an Uncle Tom or Sambo, and write an article about you every week in the JFP. Even worse, they’ll set up a blog to concentrate the hate.

It is ironic that the nature of racism now has emerged to more about how people act than how people look. Take for instance Barrack Obama. Apparently to the Democratic Party, he can do no wrong ’cause he’s their guy. But a Michael Steele or a Condi Rice or a Colin Powell may be accomplished African Americans, but they’re not “their (the Democrats’) folks”. That’s how the Democrats justify “releasing the dogs” on them. Then you’ll hear the whispers of “they’re not really black” or “they’re just dancin for the man”.

As far as the civil rights movement has come, it is so sad that people who would have you believe that they support the movement would so insidiously undermine it. Politics definitely makes people do strange things, but the mafia-like tactics being employed by some factions of the Democratic Party serve to underscore the obvious. As African American home ownership is at an all time high and more African Americans start businesses and find prosperity and move to the Republican Party, the Democratic Party’s goose is completely cooked if African Americans continue the trend of it being socially more acceptable in the black community to be an African American in the Republican Party. They know it and apparently are pulling out all the stops to try and keep African Americans on the Democratic Party Plantation.

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November 7, 2005

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