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Plea for help re: Murder in Jackson

Plea for help re: Murder in Jackson

By: Magnolia Tribune - October 3, 2005

* This email is from Jean Rose and her family.

Dear friends,

Many of you are aware of the crimes committed against my sister, Anna Rose, at the Rite Aid Pharmacy in Jackson on April 10, 2005, which ultimately led to her death on May 4. Her case will go before the grand jury on Monday, October 10, to determine if the accused will be indicted for strong-arm robbery and aggravated assault.

For those who are not familiar with Anna’s story, there is a brief summary at the end of this email.

After dealing with the Jackson Police Department over the last seven months, my family and I are not very confident in our legal system’s passion or determination to get these people off of the street. That’s why I’m sending out this appeal. There is ample evidence connecting these individuals with this crime. The men who did this have a long history of criminal activity in Jackson. For them to just walk away without punishment would be an incredible injustice to Anna — and it would put more innocent people at risk in our city.

If this concerns you, please let the District Attorney’s office know, before Oct. 10, that you are watching this case closely and that you care about the outcome. And if you have time, please forward this email to others who might be interested in our cause.

Eleanor Faye Peterson, Hinds County District Attorney
Phone: 601-968-6568
Fax: 601-968-6655

My family and I deeply appreciate your support. Thank you.

– Jean, Patrick, and Margaret Jo Rose

Jean’s email:

On Sunday, April 10th, Anna was thrown to the ground in the Rite Aid parking lot after a man grabbed her purse. He and two accomplices fled in a car. On Monday, April 18, Anna underwent surgery on a broken elbow that resulted from the assault. The following Friday, she was diagnosed with aspiration pneumonia and was admitted into Baptist Hospital, and on Sunday, she was placed on a ventilator. There were continuing complications with her recovery, and nine days later she suffered a massive stroke that left her without brain function. She was removed from life support on Wednesday, May 4, and died at the age of 42.

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