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Too many soldiers in the Big Easy?

Too many soldiers in the Big Easy?

By: Magnolia Tribune - September 9, 2005

by Alan Lange

Brian Williams, he of nightly news fame, is now blogging on his experience in New Orleans. First off, thanks to Donna Ladd at the JFP for pointing this out. I would not have found it otherwise.

OK, let me get this straight. First Bush gets crucified by the leftists among us saying that the federal response was underwhelming and untimely. Now, only 10 days after the storm, it is so overwhelming and “ubiquitous” that they now bemoan freedom of the press in a disaster area?!? I wish someone could, for one second, stop bitching and give me a better plan. Again, the armchair quarterbacks are pontificating about the shoulda/wouldas from on high, but down in the trenches, the story is different.

The job of the military has histoically been to kill people and break things, not to save people and fix things. However, all of the civil rights folks and the Mayor, the Governor, the President of Orleans Parish and everyone else in the Hate-Bush-First crowd hooted and hollered to get the military there. Bush complied. Well, now they are there and they are doing things their way because it’s the only way they know how. And these folks have the temerity to be upset with how they do it? Give me a break.

Bush ought to just do whatever the hell he wants becuase there is no pleasing ’em under any circumstances.

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September 10, 2005

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