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What Needs Fixing and What Does Not

What Needs Fixing and What Does Not

By: Magnolia Tribune - August 5, 2005

What Needs Fixing and What Does Not

He has a history of brutally attacking women and girls.

Now Edward Johnson is behind bars for the same thing.

He got out last year after serving 10 years for cutting up women after he attacked them.

A former parole board member who knows him says there are thousands of others just like him who should stay in jail forever.

This is in Vicksburg where they have excellent police public information.

Here in Jackson it’s now a different story.

Mayor Frank Melton has sacked the best public information officer this city every had.

His name is Robert Graham.

Now when the media tries to get information for you, the police say virtually nothing.

From my Point of View, the man who is the best known communicator in the state, Frank Melton, needs to send his new policy of letting all cops talk to the media, down to the street level.

Otherwide don’t fix it if it’s not broken, Frank.

Dennis Smith

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