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Chief says he will fulfill contract

Chief says he will fulfill contract

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 14, 2005

Chief says he will fulfill contract

Earlier this week, Jackson Police Chief Robert Moore said he wanted to step down as soon as possible.

He said he would ask Mayor Harvey Johnson Jr. to appoint an interim chief so he could begin retirement.

Now, Moore will continue to lead the department of 489 officers until his contract expires June 30.
“I’m staying,” he said Friday. “That’s all I’m going to say. There’s no more comment.”

Jackson City Council President Leslie McLemore said he is “glad to know the chief is going to stay on” and that it became apparent late this week after Moore and Johnson met.

Moore said he told the mayor he would remain until his three-year contract expires if Johnson decided not to name an interim chief.

Johnson spokeswoman Gloria Watkins said she had not spoken to the mayor or Moore on Friday. She did not know whether Moore was staying at Johnson’s request. Johnson, who lost to Frank Melton in the May 3 Democratic primary election, has refused interview requests this week.

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