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Moore wants interim boss named

Moore wants interim boss named

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 11, 2005

Moore wants interim boss named

Moore, who makes $113,000 a year, announced last week he planned to retire when his time was completed. He didn’t want to give Democratic mayoral candidate Frank Melton the chance to fire him, he said. Melton, who gained 63 percent of the vote last week in defeating Mayor Harvey Johnson Jr., made replacing Moore a campaign promise. Melton still has to face Rick Whitlow in the June 7 general election.

“It does no good for me to stay here,” Moore said. “When I’m gone, the officers in this department can start thinking about their future.”

Johnson zipped away after Tuesday’s City Council meeting, turning down an interview request. His office did not return telephone calls. The City Council would not have to confirm Johnson’s pick for an interim chief, but its approval would be required when the new mayor names a permanent chief.

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