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Johnson loses bid for third term

Johnson loses bid for third term

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 8, 2005

Johnson loses bid for third term

A hard political fight came to an end for Mayor Harvey Johnson, Jr. on May 3.

Jackson residents rejoiced when Johnson became this city’s first black mayor in 1997. He gathered a broad support of white, black, rich, poor, old and young. That support faded away May 3.

Johnson conceded at about 9:15 p.m., providing a very graceful speech of defeat. Holding his head high because of his record of leadership and service, that includes but is not limited to the Convention Center, Farish Street Entertainment District, Telecommunications Center, King Edward Hotel, and Water and Sewer upgrades, Johnson addressed the crowd.

“I’ll still be on board the ship of Jackson, with a bucket to bail out the water,” Johnson said. “I want all of you to be here as well, because I know after being at the helm of this ship, the captain of this ship for eight years, I know better than anyone that it can’t sail under just one person. It’s going to have to sail with all of us on board, moving ahead on one accord,” Johnson said. “The seeds I planted will be watered and will grow,” he added.

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