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Arsonists Torch Press Boxes

Arsonists Torch Press Boxes

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 19, 2005

Arsonists Torch Press Boxes

Tuesday Mayor Harvey Johnson and Frank Melton spoke out at an election forum, voicing their very different views of Jackson.

Both men running for mayor in the Democratic primary were invited to speak at Central Mississippi Medical Center. But they didn’t face off head to head. Melton spoke first, citing crime and education as his top priorities. Melton said dilapadated businesses and abandoned houses must be cleaned up for Jackson to move ahead. After Melton had left, Johnson spoke next, focusing on Jackson’s progress, saying crime is down and new businesses and subdivisions are popping up across Jackson. The two men gave very different views on progress in the city of Jackson. Melton said,”The fastest growing business in Jackson is private security for homes, and children, and businesses, I mean you have to have it right here at the hospital.” Mayor Johnson said,”The leadership of this administration has focused very clearly, very plainly on development, making sure this city prospers.”

Organizers of the event said they chose to separate the Democratic candidates to reduce friction and provide more information to the audience. The third Mayoral candidate running in the Democratic primary, Anell Smith, was not invited to participate.


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