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Mayor’s Democratic primary is May...

Mayor’s Democratic primary is May 3rd – LTE Northside Sun

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 15, 2005

Mayor’s Democratic primary is May 3rd – LTE Northside Sun

As many of you know, I am quite passionate
about Jackson. For years, I have tried my best to
support efforts to better our community. Most
recently, I took a lot of heat for supporting the tax
increase to fund the Capitol City Convention
Center, but I gladly helped because I believed that
it was imperative for our community to experience
a big ?win.’We already have so many challenges
facing us – shrinking population, dwindling tax
base, and a city divided by economics and race – we
didn’t need one more negative to overcome. Could
you imagine what would have been said about
Jackson if the vote had failed? We needed a win
then, and we need a win now. That is why I am
making this intrusion into your e-mail in-basket
today ? to share my feelings about the municipal
elections and to invite you to an event tomorrow
night on Highway 80.
On May 3, the Democratic primary will be held
for the office of mayor of the city of Jackson. Over
the next five weeks we will see debates, watch
commercials, read newspaper articles, and learn the
platforms and passions of both of the candidates. I
am throwing my support behind Frank Melton, the
Democratic candidate for mayor of the City of
Jackson. I am serving as the co-chair for his finance
committee and member of his political steering
committee. Frank has shown the kind of passion,
intensity and truthful speaking which I feel Jackson
desperately needs in order to reverse our negative
In my position on the steering committee, I have
had the luxury of being around Frank Melton a
great deal as we have worked the campaign trail. I
can honestly say that I have never been more
upbeat, excited and hopeful for our community as I
am when I am in his presence. Frank brings out the
best in the people he works with. He has the ability
to motivate, harness and direct the passions and
energies of others toward common, tangible goals
and results. As mayor, I believe Frank can stop all
the in-fighting between various civic factions and
channel all that negative energy into positive. I
believe he can capture and amplify the power of
this community ? the power that comes from you
and from me ? the power that comes from us
working together ? fixing our town? increasing
our quality of life ? making Jackson a community
of excellence to be envied by the entire tri-county
area, state and region!
My support of Frank is not to diminish anyone
currently in office or in positions of power and
influence. Rather, I support Frank because he supports
us. You, me, the guy on the corner, the little
old lady in midtown ? everyone.
Please, consider joining us. Start learning the truth
about the very different philosophies of the candidates
for this most important office now ? not a
few days before the elections. Take some time,
attend a Melton function ? hear Frank speak. You
just might get as excited about Jackson’s future
prospects as I am . . .although that will be pretty
darned tough.

Jeff Good
Letter to the Editor
Northside Sun

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