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Melton response to yesterday’s...

Melton response to yesterday’s flash flooding

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 13, 2005

Melton response to yesterday’s flash flooding

With over 30 years of flooding after heavy rains, many north Jackson residents are ready for some action. Fire trucks and barricades were in place after last night’s storms to stop cars from entering parts of Glenside Drive. The wake of the cars through the flood waters would have been enough to push water directly into several homes. In all, twelve yards were completely under water, with the water actually entering one of the homes.

All along the street, residents stated that they have asked the city for years to put in better drainage, but their pleas have fallen on deaf ears. While the city did some trenching about a month ago, it was not sufficient to stop the flooding in the area.

The same flash flooding occurred on Fontaine Avenue, as water rose too fast for the drainage to handle. Residents in both areas are challenging the Jackson mayoral candidates to address the problem.

One of the key leadership issues in Jackson mayoral candidate Frank Melton’s platform is streets and infrastructure. “Many of our neighborhoods are devastated by flooding each time we experience a heavy rain.” said Melton. “Routine maintenance could prevent many of these problems. The first step to solving much of this flooding problem is to simply clean the ditches. It’s really a no-brainer. The drainage ditches must be kept free of debris in order for the water to drain properly. If that doesn’t work, then the residents are correct in saying that the city will need to install larger drainage canals or whatever corrective measures are necessary to stop the problem.”

If elected mayor, Melton pledges not to forget the residents of Glenside Drive and Fontaine Avenue, as well as other areas of the city plagued by flash flooding. “I can feel the frustration those folks have. The quality of life for those residents has been compromised greatly by the ongoing flooding problems. The situation has been ignored or handled improperly for too long.”

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