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Melton’s getting criminals put in...

Melton’s getting criminals put in jail

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 3, 2005

Melton’s getting criminals put in jail

Your article regarding Frank Melton irking police Chief Robert Moore was informative and to the point (“Father figure on streets, Melton irks chief,” Jan. 13).

While Melton is out on the streets of Jackson, crime is down and criminals are being delivered to jail where they belong.

Chief Moore is sitting behind closed doors making no contact with the people of our city or his own police force. Why is he not delivering criminals who walk our streets to the jail they belong in?

My tax dollars are paying for a chief who does nothing and is going to do nothing! Every newscast, we hear of a robbery or a killing, and all the chief can do is say: We have no idea who did this awful act, so please call our Crime Stoppers hotline and help us.

Mr. Melton has a close working relationship with our county sheriff, but Chief Moore will not even speak with him or have any association with him.

Mr. Melton, has delivered to jail more criminals from the streets of Jackson than our police chief has. Something is very wrong here when a citizen of Jackson fights crime in a positive way and the chief sits around doing nothing until he has another citizen call in and tell him the name of the criminal to arrest and what crime he has committed.

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John Williams

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