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State Representative Criswell will not...

State Representative Criswell will not seek re-election to Mississippi House

By: Sarah Ulmer - January 10, 2023

The member from DeSoto County has represented House District 6 for two terms.

Over the weekend, State Representative Dana Criswell announced he has decided not to run again.

Criswell made the announcement via an email newsletter on Sunday afternoon, January 8th.

“Now that I have reached the conclusion of my second term, I know it is time for me to move on. I have never believed serving in politics should be a lifetime job. I don’t celebrate those in the legislature who have been there 20 or 30 years,” said Criswell.

In his letter, he cited his original intentions in running in 2016, which included a promise to his wife Julie, that he would only serve one term. Criswell said during that first term he felt the need to serve a second term and Julie, his wife, reluctantly agreed.

“After now serving 8 years, I am proud of my accomplishments in the Mississippi legislature. I believe I have maintained the principles on which I campaigned even when pressured by local politicians who seem to desire more and more of the people’s money and have almost no principles,” said Criswell.

He went on to add that he is grateful to the people of District 6 for the opportunity to serve them in the Legislature and do his duty to “represent their conservative values.”

While Criswell did not endorse any potential candidates in the election for House District 6, he did wish well whoever steps up to replace him, offering encouragement to withstand the pressures of politics.

Criswell has been the Vice Chairman for the Accountability, Efficiency, Transparency Committee. He has also served on the committees for Appropriations, Drug Policy, Judiciary B, Judiciary En Banc, Medicaid, Public Health and Human Services, and Universities and Colleges.

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