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MS Supreme Court allows for expedited...

MS Supreme Court allows for expedited appeal in Lumumba v. Jackson City Council case

By: Sarah Ulmer - September 14, 2022

The Jackson City Council filed a motion to expedite the decision in the Mayor Lumumba V. The City Council of Jackson, it was approved. 

Before a panel consisting of Randolph, Maxwell and Chamberlin, the Jackson City council made a motion to suspend the rules and expedite the decision in the impending court cause between itself and the mayor of Jackson, Chokwe Lumumba.

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“After due consideration, we find that the motion should be granted and that this court should retain the appeal,” said the order.

The designated filing date for Mayor Lumumba is until October 10 and city council will have until October 25 to file its brief. Mayor Lumumba will then have until November 1 to file a reply if he so chooses.

The case rests on the disagreement between Lumumba and city council over the city’s garbage contract. Lumumba proposed Richards Disposal in early 2022, which was vetoed by the city council. He then attempted to override their veto, but hiring Richards Disposal anyway. They have been collecting trash since April.

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The Mayor believes he does have authority to overrule a veto, however up until now the courts have said that because it was a “negative action” he cannot overturn such a thing.

Read the order below: 

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