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YP Daily Roundup 12/27/21

YP Daily Roundup 12/27/21

By: Magnolia Tribune - December 27, 2021

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YP – LIPSON: Kamala’s bad press isn’t ‘racist’ or ‘sexist’

Vice President Kamala Harris has been quoted as saying her media coverage would be better if she were a white man. She is absolutely right. She wouldn’t have bad coverage. She wouldn’t have any coverage at all. That’s because she would still be a minor senator from a big state, not the second-highest official in the Executive Branch. She was selected only because she has the identity-politics markers so important to Democrats.

It should be obvious by now that Harris is a terrible politician. When friendly reporters toss her softballs, she swings, misses and blames them. When she is given hard policy assignments, she swings and misses those, too. (In her defense, her main assignment, immigration, is President Biden’s failure, not her’s.) She refuses to visit the US-Mexican border, aside from one brief stop a thousand miles from the crisis. When she was asked about it, she noted that she hadn’t been to Europe, either. That PR blunder was widely noted but she soon corrected it: she visited Europe.

Why was this clunker picked for such an important office? We still don’t know the full answer. Part of the answer surely lies in Trump’s weakness with women voters and the Democrats’ goal of motivating high turnout among them and among African Americans, who are crucial to any Democratic victory. Candidate Biden first promised to pick a woman for his ticket and then faced intense pressure to pick an African American. The list wasn’t a long one.

Congressman Guest reads Christmas story from Luke on House floor

YP – BRYANT: Christmas in America

Christmas is fast upon us, and millions of Americans are eager to see their loved ones, exchange gifts and celebrate the birth of a Savior over 2,000 years ago. The streets will be lit up from the glow of lights on rooftops; nativity scenes will decorate the house and children will take pictures with Santa Claus.

Christmas is so much more than just a celebration. It’s hope and joy—it’s a spirit.

But it is also a trying time for many, particularly those who have lost close family or friends or are enduring hardship. In fact, the birth of Jesus under the cover of darkness was itself fraught with peril, with King Herod in hot pursuit to kill the child and protect his own power. Even in America, Christmas has not always been a time for carefree celebration. Wars both civil and foreign have damped the spirit of the season more than once. We even could say this nation owes its existence to a Yuletide military campaign

Commissioner Presley gives Congressman Thompson a Civil Rights era gift

WJTV – Analysis: Reeves on board with reviving initiative process

The issue could come up during the legislative session that begins in January.

“I think that access to the ballot is important,” Republican Reeves said in response to questions at a news conference last week.

“I don’t think that one person writing a 2 or 3 million dollar check on any one issue to put it in our state constitution is the correct way to do it,” he said. “But I do think the citizens should have access to the ballot, and it ought to be done in a way where it’s challenging to get on the ballot but that it is possible.”

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