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YP Daily Roundup 8/23/21

YP Daily Roundup 8/23/21

By: Magnolia Tribune - August 23, 2021

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YP – Dobbs issues COVID isolation order for positive cases in Mississippi

As of today, Friday, August 20, 2021, Dr. Thomas Dobbs, State Health Officer of the Mississippi State Department of Health, issued a statewide Order for the Isolation of Individuals Diagnosed with COVID-19

…It goes on to declare that everyone, including fully vaccinated individuals, infected with COVID-19 must remain in the home or other appropriate residential location for 10 days from onset of illness (or 10 days from the date of a positive test for those who are asymptomatic).

The order says that Mississippi K-12 schools are to be required to exclude all students and faculty diagnosed with COVID-19 from the school setting during the isolation period as well.

MSDH COVID-19 Reporting

Governor Reeves tweets on medical staffing assistance

YP – Revenue reports are up for first month of the 2022 fiscal year

Total revenue collections for the month of July FY 2022 and Fiscal YTD 2022 through July are $53,326,905 or 11.11% above the sine die revenue estimate. Fiscal YTD total revenue collections through July 2021 are $-6,355,436 or – 1.18% below the previous year’s collections. The FY 2022 Sine Die Revenue Estimate is $5,927,000,000.

As of July 31, 2021, total revenue collections for FY 2021 were $6,741,012,015. When compared to the total General Fund appropriations for FY 2021 of $5,576,886,000, the General Fund will end the fiscal year with an estimated excess of $1,164 million. During FY 2021 close-out period of July and August 2021, additional revenues may be recorded, and subsequent adjustments could be necessary.

YP – The Strange Case of Two State Agencies’ Revolving Door Policies

It is common for states to prohibit government employees from leaving a regulating agency to go to work for a company their agency regulated.  Such “revolving door” restrictions are intended to prevent the temptation for the employee to treat a company favorably in order to gain a position with that company later.

Mississippi only imposes that restriction in very limited circumstances.  Our constitution prohibits former public officials, up to a year after they leave office, from having a direct or indirect financial interest in contracts with the state or with local governments that were approved when they were in office.  A state law prohibits performing “any service for any person or business…in relation to any case, decision, proceeding or application with respect to which he was directly concerned or in which he personally participated.”  That’s a permanent ban, but it is very narrowly defined.

However, there is at least one law that goes beyond those prohibitions.

Congressman Thompson sends letter to Governor Reeves on COVID response

YP – WICKER: President Biden’s Afghanistan retreat unnecessary, clumsy

By now the disturbing images from Afghanistan have been permanently seared into many American minds. Civilians clinging to the side of a military jet before takeoff. Helicopters leaving the U.S. Embassy for the last time. Taliban soldiers policing the streets in vehicles left behind by U.S. forces. These were the scenes of an ally nation thrown into chaos by President Biden’s unnecessary and clumsy withdrawal of U.S. troops. His ill-advised decision resulted in the country being overrun by the Taliban in mere days, leaving thousands of Americans and our friends stranded with few options for escape.

Intelligence leaders had warned the President that pulling out all U.S. troops could lead to this outcome. The President ignored those warnings. Even as disaster unfolded and criticism mounted from within his own party, the President doubled down on his decision, blaming everyone but himself. Evacuation efforts now fall on the shoulders of 7,000 U.S. troops who have been sent back to the Kabul airport.

Congressman Guest calls out progressive policies

Congressman Palazzo attends christening at Ingalls

YP – Anita Lee, Sun Herald selling false narratives rather than reporting on Reeves’ COVID response

The Sun Herald and their ace reporter Anita Lee continued a disturbing series of COVID disinformation in recent weeks in her article yesterday after Governor Tate Reeves’ Thursday press conference.

In the first paragraph of the article, Lee wrote, “Gov. Tate Reeves continues to reject any mask mandates and refuses to directly ask residents to get vaccinated (emphasis added) as the COVID-19 delta variant disaster continues to escalate in Mississippi.”

However, there was one problem with Lee’s assertion regarding Reeves and vaccination.  It isn’t true.  It wasn’t mis-contextualized.  It was simply false, and this isn’t the first time this has happened, which indicates there appears to be some intent behind the disinformation.

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