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Attorney General Lynn Fitch speaks at...

Attorney General Lynn Fitch speaks at the 2021 Neshoba County Fair

By: Sarah Ulmer - July 29, 2021

Attorney General Lynn Fitch made remarks on Thursday at the 2021 Neshoba County Fair.

Attorney General Fitch began her remarks by thanking Mississippians for allowing her to be the Attorney General for the state.

She said her office has been working closely with their partnerships on the local, state and federal level. She said those partnerships have allowed the AG’s office to continue to support Mississippi’s law enforcement.

One of Fitch’s primary goals in office is to put an end to human trafficking, fight the opioid crisis, protecting second amendment rights, and prosecuting fraud against “bad actors” that come into Mississippi.

However, above all else she said the AG’s office is dedicated to defending the laws of the Constitution of Mississippi.

“It’s about meeting the needs of the state and your AG’s office has been doing just that,” said Fitch.

Fitch said her office is actively going after big tech companies. She said she is fighting hard for the privacy of Mississippians and protecting their information from those companies.

Currently, Fitch’s office is moving forward on a big case within the U.S. Supreme Court. They will be hearing arguments in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which is focused on Mississippi’s 2018 law on 15-week-abortion bans.

“This is all about how we protect the unborn. How we protect the women, the mothers. How we protect the integrity of the medical profession,” said Fitch.

There is expected to be a decision regarding this case in the summer of 2022.

Fitch’s office also recently partnered with DPS and truckers across Mississippi to launch a campaign against human trafficking. The campaign features awareness information throughout the state to help point out signs of trafficking and what to do if you come across an individual who might be trafficked.

“You all are part of the vision, and I need you to keep being part of the vision. These are just a few topics but we can change it and we can do it together,” said Fitch.

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